Shelf Merchandising

shelf merchandising

What is it and why do I need to know?

Shelf merchandising is about displaying your products on the shelf in a way that will attract customers. Well planned, executed and stocked shelves deliver sales results in any selling space.

Shelving and merchandising systems improve product presentation, make it easier to identify out of stock items and allow for easy customer purchase selection.

Retail studies show a well merchandised shelf promotes more sales. Nothing can put a shopper off like digging around to find what they want on an untidy jumbled shelf.

If shoppers can find it, they will buy it!

How do I choose what to buy?

SPOS shelf merchandising range is simple to use and will suit most applications from FMCG to hardware or homeware. The modular style means you can choose only the parts that you need and put them together the way you desire.

To decide on your requirements ask yourself these questions:

  • What stock am I going to display?
  • What size are my shelves?
  • How many shelves do I want to merchandise?
  • Do I want to use branding and accessories to attract customers?
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